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Brighton Gin Lollipop and 700ml Bottle


A 700ml bottle of Brighton Gin and a gin-flavoured lollipop.

Our lollipops contain real Brighton Gin with the phrase “You’re the Brighton Gin to my tonic” engraved onto them and are in our classic BG colour. They’re an unusual gift for the gin lover in your life.

Also available with 350ml bottle size and as 2x lollies with 2x 50ml minis or in packs of 3 lollies.

Over 18s only. Lollipop is vegan, weight 85g.

Shipping to mainland UK only. Delivery 2-3 business days.


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700ml botttle and lollipop, 350ml bottle and lollipop, 2x50ml miniatures and 2x lollipops, Pack of 3 lollipops