How to drink Brighton Gin

Tasting Notes

Clear and bright in the glass, the subtle notes of juniper come to the fore as you swirl, 
releasing sweet-scented fresh citrus and a touch of spice. The persistent hints of orange make this gin gentle and approachable.

Brighton Gin, whose other botanicals include fresh orange and lime peel, coriander seed and milk thistle (well-known for cleansing the liver – helping you to detox as you tox, so to speak), makes a deeply refreshing G&T – in which instance, we recommend serving it with a slice of orange to bring the fresh orange peel botanical to the fore.

Versatile and adaptable, Brighton Gin also works brilliantly as a Martini and is exceptional as part of a Negroni. This is a subtle, ruminative gin and, thanks to its softness, Brighton Gin is also delicious sipped neat, over ice with a slice of orange.

Serve of the Month

Delicious and sometimes invigorating ways to enjoy Brighton Gin – something new and fresh to try.


For the spring months and indeed all of 2016 Gin Eyre


Gin is in the air, I mean...Spring is in the Eyre, and it's Charlotte Bronte's 200th anniversary year, so why not raise a glass with this lively little number.....


8 sprigs of fresh mint

2 oz of Brighton Gin

1 oz lemon juice

1 & a half teaspoons of granulated sugar

2 dashes of orange bitters


Shake with ice and serve with delight for a spring in your step.





To get the party started - Brighton Gin Rocktail


Watch and learn.....

A real winter warmer – Mulled Brighton Gin


700 ml of Wobblegate Cox Apple juice

140ml of Brighton Gin (half a bottle)

2 cinnamon sticks

The juice of 2 limes

25ml Cherry Brandy (if you have it)

100ml Red Vermouth – we love Antica Formula (available at 21 Wines) but Martini Rosso is perfect too


Slice a whole orange


Drink and feel very merry. Double or triple accordingly.

Some magic for the later hours  The Prospero


Punishing yet forgiving, like Prospero himself, and 100 per cent Brighton:


One measure of Brighton Gin, one measure of Tuaca, served in a tumbler over ice.


One for the end of the evening. Magical!



To liven you up – The Gin, Gin(seng) Fizz


A truly life-enhancing and really rather healthy cocktail this, thanks to plenty of vitamin C, milk thistle and ginseng. Similar to our Gin Girl cocktail, but frothier and more decadent thanks to the addition of Prosecco.

Into a chilled Champagne flute pour 25ml of Brighton Gin, 25ml of Kamm & Sons British Aperitif, 25ml of fresh orange juice and top up with Prosecco.

Serve with a zest of orange peel and enjoy!



For some added class – Brighton Delight


Scott Mather, the Head Bartender of newly opened Rustiko on Soho's Old Compton Street, has created a Brighton Gin cocktail called the Brighton Delight:


50ml Brighton Gin

25ml Violette Britottet

Juice of a lemon

10ml Maraschino Luxardo Liqueur


Shake over ice and serve with cocktail cherry with stem (try Opies).


Refreshing and a brilliant twist on the Aviation using Brighton 



For drinking on a hot, sunny beach – Bucky Lemon  (created by Michael Savarie)


Michael produced this at a stunning party celebrating a good friend of ours' birthday – refreshing!


2 shots of Brighton Gin

1 shot of Prosecco

Ginger beer


Stir over ice and add a squeeze of lemon.


Delicious. Unfortunately (or luckily) we have no photos of the night.



A sharpener – BN75 presented by The Plotting Parlour

This is one of many delicious and invigorating cocktails you can find at The Plotting Parlour:


Brighton Gin



Regency Bitters

topped up with Prosecco




For drinking on, or near, a pier – A Murmuration of Starlings


The synchronised evening flying display of starlings over the skeleton of the West Pier is as much part of Brighton as the Pavilion, the Lanes, the Prince Regent and, well, Brighton Gin.

Come down to earth with our take on the Fallen Angel.


Shake together over ice:


3 parts Brighton Gin,

1 part fresh lemon juice,

2 dashes of green crème de menthe

1 dash of Angostura bitters.


Strain into a Martini glass and serve with a sprig of mint.


It’s wonderfully invigorating and very moreish.



Perfect for a steamy afternoon – Brighton Breezy (aka Singapore Sling)


We used this one at our launch party:


Mix 2 parts Brighton Gin with 1 part cherry brandy and 1 part lemon juice.

Pour over ice in a tumbler adding soda water.

Garnish with fresh mint and a slice of orange, adding a dash of Benedictine and brandy.


We love this – it reminds one of the tropics.



For an evening on the town – Black Brighton


A true Brightonian twist on the ever-popular Black Russian, ideal for late nights out on the town now that summer’s on its way.


2 parts Brighton Gin

1 part Patrón XO Café


Pour the gin into a tumbler over ice and then add the Patrón XO Café.


To make a long drink, serve in a highball glass, adding either Coca-Cola or ginger ale.



When heading to the beach – The Brighton Beach


It’s spring and the sun has at last begun to show a bit of well-turned ankle and we’re starting to dream about heading to our beloved Brighton beach (I mean, who needs sand when you can have shingle?). And so we’ve made sure that our latest Serve of the Month is ideal for such a capricious time of year: long, cool and refreshing in case it’s sunny; warm, spicy and invigorating in case it’s not.


50ml Brighton Gin

King's Ginger Liqueur

Fever Tree Tonic

Fever Tree Ginger Beer


Pour the Brighton Gin into a tall glass. Add a tiny, hint of a whisper of a suspicion of King’s Ginger Liqueur. Top up with Fever Tree Tonic and Fever Tree Ginger Beer – half and half – add some ice, stir briefly and garnish with a sprig of mint and a slice of lime.


Serve with a jaunty straw and expectant grin.



For watching a film with friends – Brighton Gin 2015 Oscars Cocktails


With the 2015 Oscars all but round the corner, we at Brighton Gin have gone all Hollywood. With five beloved Brits in the frame for ‘Best’ or ‘Supporting’ gongs, we’ve all got our favourites, but who knows who’s going to come out on top? We’re agog!


And, natch, we’re also at the grog. No point staying up late in front of the box without something Brighton Gin-based to fortify us. And so, in honour of our British nominees and strictly in the spirit of neutrality, we present the following Brighton twists on some absolute Hollywood classics.


The Theory of Everything - Film Poster

The Theory of Every Gin

(Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones)


A sassy Sussex take on the fabled French 75:

50ml Brighton Gin

Dash of fresh orange juice

Ambriel English Reserve Demi-Sec


Shake gin and orange juice over ice, strain into a Champagne glass and top up with the fizz and serve with a zest of orange.

Gin Girl

(Rosamund Pike)


A suitably wacky Brighton twist on the classic White Lady:


50ml Brighton Gin

Dash of fresh orange juice

Dash of Kamm & Sons Ginseng British Aperitif

Egg White


Mix together the gin, orange juice, Kamm & Sons and egg white. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled Martini glass.

The Imitation Gin

(Benedict Cumberbatch & Keira Knightley)

This is no imitation but an unmucked-about classic, plain and simple:


20ml Brighton Gin
40ml Dubonnet

Orange zest

Stir the Brighton Gin and Dubonnet together in an ice-filled tumbler. Strain and serve in a chilled Martini glass with a zest of orange.



Perfect for the beach – Spanish Gin Tonic

The three Camino restaurants in London ( are offering Brighton gin in their Spanish Gin Tonic from this week – our first venue in London! It's delicious – and the orange really works well with Brighton Gin. Here's how:

Spanish Gin Tonic a la Camino using Brighton Gin
Spanish Gin Tonic a la Camino


50ml Brighton Gin

1724 Tonic


4 - 6 triangle bits of orange

long piece of orange peel

1 large gin glass



Fill glass with to the top with ice, add the gin and orange triangles, top with 1724 tonic (3 quarters of the bottle), stir and place orange peel on top.





Wake up to this – Kemp Town Bandit


Sam’s of Brighton in Kemp Town ( has had them queuing up to try their unique take on Brighton Gin – The Kemp Town Bandit, specially created by chef-patron, Ollie Couillaud.


We absolutely love it and here below reproduce Ollie’s unique and utterly delicious recipe:


1kg Boiron blood orange purée

200g Demerara sugar

1/2 bunch fresh rosemary

6g pectin (the yellow one)


Mix sugar and purée and boil gently for 5 minutes. Whisk in the pectin, cook for a further 2 minutes, add the crunched-up rosemary and leave to infuse for a couple of hours.


In a Champagne glass, add a little purée, same amount as if you're making a kir royale.

Add 25ml of Brighton Gin and top up with sparkling wine, a slice of blood orange and a spring of rosemary.


A full 25ml is a little strong in our opinion, so we put in just a little under.



For any morning, or afternoon – Bloody Brighton Snapper


What could be better on a winter Sunday than a fine, carefully crafted Bloody Mary? Not much in our opinion, unless of course you fancied a fine, carefully crafted Red Snapper, where the vodka is substituted by gin.


We at the Brighton Spirits Co have our own version, the Bloody Brighton Snapper, with Brighton Gin well to the fore. We also add a splash of dry sherry and some fresh orange juice, which goes surprisingly well with tomato and lifts the drink just so.


So, mix in a jug 100cl tomato juice, 35cl Brighton Gin, 15cl dry sherry plus the juice of two lemons, the juice of one orange, a dash of horseradish sauce (optional), plus Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and celery salt to taste.


Serve in a tumbler with a cube of ice, a stick of celery and half a slice of orange.


And enjoy. Serves four, or serves two in dire need.



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