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Witch, Please

Lychee Halloween cocktail
Treat yourself to this trick which is sure to impress guests… or even just yourself… over the Halloween season using our wonderful gin and lychees to make a deliciously gross cocktail! It’s very easy to make so don’t get too caught up over the creepiness of it. Incorporating the popular flavours of GIN (of course) and lychees this is sure to satisfy the vast majority of your gruesome guests.    


50ml Brighton Gin 40% Pavilion Strength
50ml  Lychee Syrup
15 ml fresh lime juice
15 ml agave syrup
1/2 (i.e. half! not one or two) matcha tea powder (to make it spooky green).


Combine all ingredients, shake and serve over ice.


To make the eyeballs

Tinned lychees (easily found in supermarkets) and blueberries, and we’ve added a splash of rose syrup for an extra-bloody look. Pop a blueberry inside the lychee and secure with a cocktail stick and balance on the rim of the glass or place your eyeballs directly into the drink to give people a scare!  
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