> It’s That Bloody Thyme Again

It’s That Bloody Thyme Again

Blood Orange
  It’s That Bloody Thyme Again… perfect for anyone regardless if you’re Santa Claus himself or the grinch. This cocktail is a delicious, impressive wintery cocktail that really good for any occasion and super easy to make…


50ml Brighton Gin (available here) 25ml Cointreau Blood Orange (available here) 25ml Lime Juice 20ml Blood Orange Juice (to colour) Ginger Ale Sprig of Thyme

how to

Combine the gin, Cointreau and lime juice in a glass filled with ice. Add the blood orange juice and top with ginger ale. Garnish with a blood orange slice and a sprig of fresh thyme. ENJOY
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blood orange facts

Obviously you don’t need to be a genius to figure out where they got their name from… but rest assured, there’s no real blood in them! Apart from their own freshly scrumtious juices. Here are some fun blood orange facts:  
  • Their unusual colour comes from anthocyanin which is very common among many other fruits and vegetables such as cherries, aubergine , just not normally citrus fruits
  • Anthocyanin does the world of good for us including… helping to keep the liver healthy, reduce cholesterol, keep your weight down and improve vision
  • Originally from the island of Sicily (we believe although there’s a lot of dispute), they are now grown a lot in California too… amongst other places
  • They have a thinner skin seperating segments than normal oranges do, making it hard to eat like you would a normal orange where you peel it and pull apart segments
  • They also contain less pips… hoorah!
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