> New Year Wellness: What Can We Learn From Gin?

New Year Wellness: What Can We Learn From Gin?


Admittedly Gin is not renowned for it health-giving properties. Even the most gleeful gin-drinker would agree that in order to keep the good times coming, we may need to take a moment out from the party routine. This January may herald entry into a year in which wellness is the watchword and we at Brighton Gin salute you! In light of this, here is what our gin can ‘teach’: top tips for a happy and healthy new year, with or without the booze.


If ditching the odd tipple seems like a bit of a stretch having grown accustomed to the quaffing and scoffing of the festive season, do not despair! Health is not meant to make you miserable after all. Our lovely gin is distilled with glorious fruits and botanicals, inspiring us to take a moment for (or perhaps even raise a glass to) bodily wellbeing!


botanicals: juniper berries
Juniper, the bedrock of gin’s flavour, has long been known to have health-giving, anti-inflammatory properties. These special little berries are full of antioxidants, linked to all sorts of wellness in all aspects including maintaining healthy skin. They have also been said to ease bloating – what a wonder!

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle

This magic ingredient in our gin is rumoured to ease troubles of the head and the tum on mornings after you may have overindulged! For a long time it has been argued that milk thistle protects healthy liver function, so provided you drink responsibly, our gin may leave you feeling fresher than most – cheers to a clear head!

Oranges and Limes


Our gin gets it’s signature zing from these citrus staples. Chock-full of fibre and vitamin C, you can’t go wrong with squeezing a bit more fruit into your diet – nor with using a slice to garnish your G&T! Use these feel-good-fruits to beat the january blues.

With biodegradable ‘packaging’, sporting cheery colours and being stuffed with vitmains, eating (or drinking) more oranges and lime has pros all round.We especially like our fruit from Hisbe (keeping things local, organic and vegan!)

Get active (Brighton Style)

West Pier from Brighton beach

Here at Brighton Gin, naturally the place in which we live/work/play makes up a big part of who we are. In the spirit of new years health and wellness practices, lets get out there into the green spaces, as well as the pebbly ones, that Brighton has to offer! Whether it’s fresh air and a stroll in Preston Park or a run down the beach – for the hardy ourdoorsperson – getting yourself out and about into our beautiful city will be a great shake-up for the mind and body.

Fighting the January Blues (together)

Pub: Earth and Stars Brighton

What could be more important in the January gloom than the keep the spirits up after a lul in the festivities. Cozy yourselves up at home with a glass or bundle up in a coat and head to one of the many local watering-holes that have Brighton Gin on offer! (like the Earth and Stars, pictured above)

If you really need convincing, remember that there’s fewer calories in gin than in than in your average pint – call it a tactical health move maybe. Feeding the soul can be part of your health routine too.

Happy Ginuary!

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