> Why We Gave Up Plastic Straws

Why We Gave Up Plastic Straws



On 30th August 2017, we pledged to say no to plastic straws, and never use them again! If you’ve seen the turtle-with-a-straw-up-his-nose video you’ll have already taken this pledge too (1 in 3 sea turtles have eaten marine plastic!) But if you haven’t yet, you most definitely should! Here’s why, and more importantly, how…


Plastic straws have an estimated use time of 20 minutes, but take an estimated break down time of 600 years! Across the world we produce 500 million new plastic straws every day! 

Plastic straws are made from fossil fuels, unnecessarily contributing to climate change.

Plastic straws are in the top 10 items found on beach cleanups – we participated in the Brighton Beach clean up, and found an unbelievable amount of plastic straws!

At Brighton Gin we are committed to doing whatever we can to create a sustainable business, from using recycled glass in our bottles, to our distillery process which re-circulates the water needed to produce gin.

That’s why we say no to plastic straws.

If this isn’t enough to change your mind, seriously, watch the turtle video *Warning, upsetting and strong language used*

This image shows a beach on a remote island in the Caribbean Sea. We are destroying our beaches with plastic and it’s up to us to fix this! Credit photo: National Geographic.

Convinced? So… How?

TAKE THE PLEDGE! As an organisation, you can take the pledge and rid yourself of horrible plastic straws. Buy paper straws for your customers to use or buy metal straws and charge a deposit. Or, encourage your customers to go straw-free!

You might be thinking… but I LIKE my G&T with a straw!… Well, unlike with some cocktails, a straw won’t actually improve the quality of the drink – just make sure it gets a really good stir and enjoy without a straw!

You can find a list of all our cocktails that don’t need a straw here! 

Love our beaches, love our sea, say NO to plastic straws

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