> Brighton Gin is proudly vegan (and gluten-free)

Brighton Gin is proudly vegan (and gluten-free)


Wait – are you saying that some gins aren’t vegan? I don’t see bits of meat floating in mine….

No, they’re not. But it’s not because they’ve got meat in them, but some gins are made with dairy cream or honey (we’re not even going near gin with ants in – yes, it does exist).  Unlike many beers and wines, which are filtered through or clarified with animal and fish products such as isinglass, gelatin, glycerine or casein, the gin filtration process is free of animal products, so you’re safe there.
Good news. But what about your wax and labels? 
We take it a step further, as it’s not just what’s in the bottle that counts. We’ve made sure the wax we use to top our bottles is 100% vegan, as is the gum we use to stick on the labels. And we’re registered to prove it. Just go to the Vegan Society website and you’ll find us there. You’ll also find us registered with Barnivore.com so you can be sure we’re totally vegan friendly. Enjoy!
Nice to know. But is Brighton Gin gluten free?
Yes it is. The distillation process for making gin removes the gluten protein from the grains we use so the final product is free of gluten. Some gins also contain nut products but Brighton Gin is nut-free.
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