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Community Spirit

Brighton Gin is a business which takes our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.
We appreciate how the people of Brighton and Hove have supported us as a small-scale local business, so we consistently aim to give something back to our community by supporting local charities and good causes.
We are often approached for donations and we have a limited number of Brighton Gin bottles available each month for good causes. Please note we are unable to offer cash, and we can only support registered charities, CICs and community associations, not individuals.
As we’re based in Brighton & Hove, we will give priority to applications from the area, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t apply if your group is from further afield.
If you are successful in your application, we will contact you, but regrettably we don’t have the time to respond to all applications.
To apply, please use the form below and tell us:
1. Your name and email
  1. Name of charity, CIC, community organisation, and where relevant, registration number
  1. In a maximum of 200 words, tell us what you would like and what it’s for (e.g. a bottle for a raffle for your charity)

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