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Brighton Cocktail Week


Brighton Cocktail Week is coming with 10 days of cocktail events and promotions at over 50 venues across the city. It kicks off with a two-day Cocktail Court Festival at the Old Ship and closes with the Brighton Flair World Open 2018 at The Haunt nightclub.

How does it work?

To enjoy Brighton Cocktail Week, purchase your £10 wristband from selected participating venues. This gives you access to drinks for just £5 across 50 venues throughout the week.

We will be at The Old Ship Hotel on Friday 6th (5-9:30pm) and Saturday 7th (2:30-9:30pm) July serving up the following cocktails. We’ve tried and tested them all, and we can confirm they are delicious. What’s more, at £5 per cocktail, you simply cannot afford to miss out!

Brighton Gin & Tonic

You will need: 50ml Brighton Gin One can of Folkington’s Indian tonic water A slice of orange Plenty of ice How to make (you’ve probably done this enough times but here’s another reminder in case you’ve already had too much gin (please drink reponsibly)): Put the ice and orange in a copa glass and pour in Brighton Gin. Add your ideal amount of tonic water and enjoy!

Sussex Negroni

You will need: 25ml Brighton Gin 25ml Albourne Estate’s 40 Vermouth 25ml Campari Soda water Plenty of ice A twist of orange peel How to make: Add the ice, Brighton Gin, vermouth and campari to a tumbler glass. If too strong or you’d like to fill the glass more, top with some soda water. Garnish with the orange twist and enjoy!


You will need: 25ml Brighton Gin 15ml Wobblegate’s Apple Juice 15ml Creme de Mure A lime Plenty of ice How to make: Squeeze in half the juice of a lime into a tumbler glass. Add the ice, Brighton Gin, apple juice and creme de mure. Gently stir then garnish with lime wedges.

Gin Rickey

You will need: 25ml Brighton Gin A lime Granulated sugar Soda Plenty of ice How to make: Cut half a lime into wedges and muddle at the bottom of a high ball glass with the sugar. Add the ice and Brighton Gin, then fill to the top with soda. Stir gently and enjoy!
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