> Another award for Brighton Gin

Another award for Brighton Gin

We are delighted to announce that our 57% Seaside Strength Navy Gin has won yet another award! It gained 1* at the prestigious 2019 Great taste Awards for its “punchy, clean, bright, yet nicely rounded” taste.
Judges praised it for being “clean and bright on the nose and pretty powerful on the palate – surprisingly rounded in fact for its Navy strength”.  They described it as “rather well constructed, it works beautifully with tonic – indeed, it can take a fair bit of tonic, which is good in terms of citrus lift and the elevation of previously ‘hidden’ notes such as coriander” and with “a pleasant aroma with peppery notes and a depth of juniper”.
Brighton Gin Seaside Strength also achieved a Silver Award at the 2019 International Wine & Spirits Competition. Judges said it has “a pleasant, fragrant nose of green citrus, aromatic herbs, and a light touch of pepper” with “excellent integration of alcohol, especially considering the high ABV”. Read more on the Hospitality & Catering News website.
Oh – and did we mention that Seaside Strength was also crowned Navy Gin Of The Year at the Craft Distilling Expo 2019? Judges applauded it for its “strong juniper coming through” and said it was “very mixable in cocktails”.
We think they’re right of course, but don’t just take our (or their!) word for it.  Take the plunge and set sail by picking up a bottle direct from our online shop, available in 700ml or 350ml bottles. Alternatively, you can pick up a bottle individually or as part of our gift box set at the “Meet the Sussex Makers” event on November 30th at the Old Market in Hove. We’ve even created a couple of delicious cocktails crafted specially for its super-juniper taste!
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