> Spring Beside the Seaside

Spring Beside the Seaside

This blog post is very special as it has been written by our first guest blogger! All of the following words and images are from Joanna, check out her website.

There is not much that makes me happier than seeing the first daffodils spring out of the ground every year. It is the sign that we all look forward to after endless long dark nights and temperatures that make us question ever putting our foot outside the door again. But the time has finally come where spring is standing on our doorstep and our woolly hats are slowly creeping back into their cupboards. Brighton is, of course, a beautiful place to live and visit all year round, but it especially comes to life when the sun is shining. Here are just a few things that we are looking forward to over the next couple of months in and around our wonderful city.

Firstly, enjoying a nice long peaceful walk on the South Downs. Whether you are an amateur hiker or someone who never lets anything get in the way of connecting with nature, we can all agree that a long walk is more enjoyable when the sun is shining down on your back and you don’t need to worry about your toes falling off due to the freezing temperatures. Brighton is incredible because we get the best of both worlds; the sea at one end and rolling hills on the other. Let’s make sure we make the most of it!

Don’t miss the return of the incredible annual Brighton Fringe Festival. From May 4th to June 3rd we can enjoy a month long of various performances across this vibrant city. A personal recommendation is definitely Drunken Shakespeare. The idea is that one of the cast members has a few too many to drink that evening and attempts to continue his role as a Shakespearean character. Every night is unique and you never really know what to expect. It always a makes a good night!

Why not also take part in the Brighton Marathon Weekend? There are several different running events, if the Marathon is a little out of reach, with a 10K and a series of Mini Miles across the weekend. But if running isn’t really your idea of fun, enjoy the day by showing your support, handing out jelly beans as the runners pass and cheering them on at the finish. The incredible spirit from the spectators along the course every year is what really keeps the runners going.


With the warmer weather hopefully on its way, we need to make use of the incredible ocean that we are so lucky to live by. You can try out a whole range of water sports, from kayaking, to paddle boarding and you can even build your own raft and take part in the Paddle Round the Pier on July 7th if you are brave enough. You don’t need to be an expert; you just need to be able to laugh it off if your raft disintegrates mid-paddle!

And lastly, enjoy the long evenings on the beach, which is probably my favourite thing about Brighton in the warmer months.

Winter can be harsh for a lot of us as it is dark before we even leave the office and when we do manage to catch the sunset, we need to be prepared with countless layers and bundles of woolly hats and scarves. But with spring and summer well on their way, we can look forward to the long, warm evenings, watching the sunset with a gin and tonic in our hand. But of course, it has to be none other than Brighton Gin.

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