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Dry January Mocktails


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wishing you all a fantastic 2018 and hoping you all had a very Merry Christmas. Many of you will now be taking part in Dry January, where you’ll be cutting down or not having any alcohol for the whole of January. “Dry January?! But you make gin!” we hear you say. Well, we love gin and love that all our supporters drink our gin. However, we also believe in safe and resposible drinking and therefore support this movement entirely. For those of you choosing not to partake in Dry January, don’t fear, we have plenty of cocktails which are not booze-free! Find them here

As gin-makers/drinkers/enthusiasts, we aren’t expert mocktail makers. So, we’ve collated our favourite Dry January mocktails from some fantastic blogs!

1. Apple Kombucha Mojito

From Sam at Wholesome Patisserie

Find the recipe here. Photo credit to Wholesome Patisserie.

2. Pear, Ginger & Honey

From Aish at My Yellow Apron

Find the recipe here. Photo credit to My Yellow Apron.

3. healing tumeric tonic

From Dana at Minimalist Baker

Find the recipe here. Photo credit to Minimalist Baker.

4. spicy peach caipirinha

From Ashley at Cuoco Contento

Find the recipe here. Photo credit to Cuoco Contento.

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